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How much do your cakes cost?

Cake prices vary based on labor and decor. Please use the following as an estimated base cost:

  • Semi-naked, smooth, & textured buttercream: $8 per slice

  • Fondant: $9 per slice

  • Heavily detailed/stenciled designs: $12 per slice

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, I have a $150 minimum on celebration cakes and a $200 minimum on tiered cakes

Do you have any cakes I can pick up today or tomorrow?

Unfortunately, no. Milly's Fine Cakes is not a retail storefront. I bake fresh to order, therefore requiring advanced notice.

How far in advance should I book?

For wedding cakes, I suggest booking 5-6 months out. Please note, I take a limited number of clients each month. For celebrations cakes, 2 months in advance should be sufficient.


*The wedding industry is currently experiencing an influx of inquiries due to 2020 postponements. Please be patient as we try our best to catch up. Thanks for understanding*


Do you deliver?

Yes. I recommend all cakes besides single tiers be delivered. Delivery is based upon location and driving conditions. Please think of delivery as insurance. If anything were to happen to your wedding cake during a delivery, only a skilled professional could properly fix it, so it arrives at your venue safe and in perfect condition.

How do tastings work?

Custom tastings are available for wedding and special event clients only. Tastings are designed for 2 people and include 4 cake flavors. All cakes are complemented with a silky, not too sweet, swiss meringue buttercream. Tastings + consultations are $40. To schedule an in-person tasting, please contact me via the contact page. Please bring anything that may inspire you to our consultation (wedding colors, dress photos, invitations, Pinterest boards, etc.). 


Do you make smash cakes?

Yes. That being said, please keep in mind I have a minimum order of $150, so this may require you to order an additional cake or cupcakes. 


Can you replicate a cake I found online?

Pinterest is a fantastic place to draw inspiration, but out of respect to each cake artist, I prefer not to make exact replicas from other bakers. Ordering a custom cake gives you the opportunity to create something custom-tailored just for you! I promise this will be more meaningful! That being said, I do replicate my own designs.


Do you offer gluten-free or dairy-free cakes?

At this time, I do not offer allergy-free cakes. I am working on recipes, but want them to taste just as good as my regular cakes. I'll keep you updated on the "flavors" page.

Do you ship?

No, not at this time. 


**Please keep in mind, Milly's Fine Cakes is not a gluten-free certified kitchen. All desserts come out of the same space, so there is always a risk of cross-contamination.**

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